MCRC releases new public service announcement in honor of Black History Month[MIGRATE]

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by Herbert Stutz

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The Marine Corps Recruiting Command released a new public service announcement campaign Feb. 1 in honor of Black History Month.

The campaign, titled “Where I’m From,” highlights the different locations around the United States that Marines come from and paints a portrait of the diverse background of today’s men and women in uniform. Eric Lindsay, Marine Corps Recruiting Command’s diversity advertising officer, said they wanted to honor the contributions of black Americans differently this year.

“Usually the recognition of Black History Month involves taking a look back at the contributions and sacrifices of African-Americans in our history,” said Lindsay. “We decided that it would be something different to honor the servicemen and women making history today through their actions in service to our country.”

The main television commercial for the campaign will be 30 seconds and feature Capt. John L. Williams, a Marine officer from Detroit who is making a career out of the Marine Corps from a personal desire to serve.

“I believe my participation serves as a message to the young people of Detroit,” said Williams. “It provides a positive representation of the Marine Corps. It displays to them that the military is more than a last option and that it is and can be a career option.”

One of the biggest features in honor of BHM will be a map hosted on that will show Marines from the around the nation, tying into the main theme of the campaign, “(Marines hometown) is where I’m from; a United States Marine is who I am.” Some of the featured Marines will have longer video stories that visitors to the website can view. There will also be a space for members of the communities the Marines are from to leave messages of support for the Marines from their hometown.

Print ads will run in the Feb 7. and Feb. 21 issues of Jet Magazine, American Legacy magazine and ESPN.

MCRC’s BHM campaign will also be partnering with and plans to highlight the stories of individuals demonstrating the commitment to move the African American community forward. Different Marines will be featured in documentary-style vignettes representing the supreme commitment demonstrated by all Marines every day., also known as The Root, will work to introduce “service as a way of life” into a continuing Black History Month discussion. The Root will partner with MCRC by including them in their leadership series titled “The Vine.” The Root’s editor-in-chief Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., will conduct a candid video interview with Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Ronald L. Bailey which will be posted to their website.

Look for the campaign across the web, in print and on television during February.