OSO receives leadership award[MIGRATE]

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Captain Taren Burkett-Sorlie, officer selection officer, Recruiting Station Nashville, Tenn., has been recognized for her leadership ability and service, both on and off duty, with the Major Megan McClung Leadership award.

On Dec. 6, 2006, Major Megan McClung, a public affairs officer serving with I Marine Expeditionary Force, became the first female Marine officer to be killed in action during the Iraq War. McClung was also the first female graduate of the United States Naval Academy to be killed in action. The award recognizes Marines who display inspiration, innovative and imaginative leadership both on and off-duty. Nominees must also show exceptional leadership ability and persevere to overcome challenges while serving.

“I was surprised and humbled to receive the award,” said Burkett-Sorlie.

As an OSO, Burkett-Sorlie is responsible for preparing college students for the rigors of Officer Candidates School and being a Marine officer.

“I try to lead my candidates by example,” said Burkett-Sorlie. “Being a Marine officer is a privilege and a heavy responsibility. I teach my pool that if they’re doing their job as an officer their Marines should be able to perform their duties correctly and not miss a beat even if they aren’t there with them.”

In addition to performing her duties as an OSO, Burkett-Sorlie also displays her leadership ability by performing community service.