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Colonel Hastings was born on 19 January 1966 in Bozeman, Montana.  As the son of a Marine Officer, Col Hastings spent his early years living throughout the US.  After graduating form R. E. Lee High School in Springfield VA, he attended Montana State University.

He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Political Science.  While at MSU, he was accepted into the Platoon Leaders Class in April 1987.

Commissioned on 16 January 1989 and after completion of The Basic School and the Infantry Officers Course, he was assigned to 1st Battalion 9th Marines, Camp Pendleton CA.  Between December 1989 and April 1992, while assigned to the small boat company for the 15th MEU(SOC), Col Hastings deployed to RIMPAC ’90, WESTPAC 91 and JTF-6’s Counter-Narcotic Operations.  From May 1992 to April 1994, while assigned to Weapons Company 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, as a CAAT Platoon Commander, he deployed with the 13th MEU(SOC).  The MEU was tasked with supporting Operation RESTORE HOPE as the United Nation’s reaction force.  Col Hastings spent four months in and out of Mogadishu, Somalia conducting a sundry of security operations.
After being promoted to Captain in January 1994, he transferred in May to Recruiting Station, Orange County CA, 12th Marine Corps District, as the Executive Officer.  In July 1996, he was reassigned to 12th MCD Headquarters to serve as its Contact Team Officer until June 1997.
During the 1997-1998 academic year, Colonel Hastings attended AWS, Quantico VA.  Upon graduation, he was assigned as the Inspector-Instructor for Delta Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  While stationed as the I&I, Company ”D,” he deployed reconnaissance teams / platoons to Panama, Peru, Chile, Greece, Singapore, and various CONUS locations in support of joint and or total force exercises, from May 1998 through March 2001.

Colonel Hastings commanded RS Los Angeles from April 2001 to June 2004.  During this time, RS LA received Western Recruiting Region Quality RS of the Year for 2002, and 12th MCD Most Improved RS for FY03.

Colonel Hastings, reported to the Command Element of I MEF and was assigned as the Deputy A/CS G-5 (fwd) and participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom II-2.  After returning from OIF and serving as the Force Deployment Officer for I MEF, Col Hastings was transferred on 6 October 2005 to Recruiters School.

Colonel Hastings served as the Director of Recruiters School through January 2008.  He transferred to assume command of 1st Battalion, 4th Marines and deployed to Fallujah Iraq in the fall of 2008.  He participated as the last Battalion to occupy the city of Fallujah.  Returning from Iraq in April, 2009, selected for the rank of Colonel, he transferred to AC/S G-3, 1st Marine Division, and deployed the Division Command Element as part of the “surge” for OEF. 

Colonel Hastings has served as the AC/S Recruiting, MCRD San Diego/Western Recruiting Region, San Diego from May 2010 to April 2013

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