Family Readiness


Family Readiness

8th Marine Corps District

Mission of Family Readiness
The goals of the 8th Marine Corps District’s Unit Family Readiness Program are to build community-centered family support programs, collaborate with helping agencies, offer information and referral services that foster individual and family adaptation to Recruiting Duty through proactive outreach in the form of the following functions:
  • Official Communication
  • Readiness Support
  • Information and Referral
  • Family Outreach and Support
  • TRICARE Health Benefits Information
  • Family Readiness Program Training
  • Military Relief Programs/Emergency Services Information
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Information

The Family Readiness Program promotes leadership that understands the connection between strong families, strong communities, and a strong Marine Corps by delivering services that promote family resiliency and support mission readiness.

The district Chaplain can be reached by calling (619) 572-0225.
The Family Readiness Office can be reached by calling (817) 782-6706
Family Readiness Office E-Mail

Your Family Readiness Coordinator

Lisa Jackson

Family Readiness Coordinator
8th Marine Corps District

Office: (817) 782-6706
Mobile: (214) 674-8474