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8th Marine Corps District

Marine Corps Recruiting Command

1513 Desert Storm Road, Fort Worth, TX 76127
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8th Marine Corps District awards Civilian and Marine of the Year distinction

Ralph F. Ferguson and Sgt. Matthew L. Rodgers were selected as the 8th Marine Corps District's Civilian and Marine of the Year for fiscal year 2010. The honor earned Ferguson a Certificate of Commendation and Rodgers a Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal, which they were presented during the 8th Marine Corps District Birthday Ball Nov. 6.

The 8th Marine Corps District Civilian and Marine of the Year awards for fiscal year 2010 were presented to Ralph F. Ferguson and Sgt. Matthew L. Rodgers during the district’s Marine Corps Birthday Ball ceremony Nov. 6.

Ferguson, district budget analyst, was awarded the title of Civilian of the Year for performing his duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. According to the district comptroller, Maj. Armando Salinas, his technical proficiency, willingness to learn all aspects of recruiting, and Marine-like work ethic enabled him to contribute above and beyond established expectations.

“His performance throughout the year made him an easy choice for selection as Civilian of the Year,” said Salinas.

Ferguson admits that his service as a financial management resource analyst during his eight years as an active duty Marine has helped him immensely in his current position over the last two and a half years.

Ferguson says that ever since his first job at the age of 15, he has always taken pride in what he does regardless of how much he is paid or how difficult the job may be.

“Going above and beyond in my job has always been a ‘code’ that I’ve lived by,” said Ferguson. “Not settling for the bare minimum and making it a point to learn something new every day are a few other characteristics I bring with me every day to perform so well.”

The Marine of the Year was chosen from the four Marines of the Quarter for fiscal year 2010. Sgt. Rodgers, who was the Marine of the Quarter in the fourth quarter, proved his performance surpassed that of his peers, earning him the year’s honor.

Rodgers, district legal chief, earned the title for his exceptional initiative, positive attitude and diligent work ethic, which was instrumental to the overall success of the district’s adjutant section and ultimately the successful mission accomplishment of the district. Rodgers displayed the leadership qualities and technical skills necessary to stand out amongst the Marines he competed against.

He attributes his success to his peers who keep him striving to do better and the senior Marines who give him invaluable guidance.

In addition to performing with distinction at the district, both Rodgers and Ferguson are currently taking college classes to further their education.

The honor of Civilian and Marine of the Year earned Ferguson a Certificate of Commendation and Rodgers the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.