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Bosnia native named RS Oklahoma City recruiter of the quarter


God, Country and Corps- a motto for Marines around the globe.  One Oklahoma City recruiter uses these words as a secret to his success on recruiting duty.

Sgt. Ognjen Krusko, canvassing recruiter, Recruiting Sub-station Oklahoma City North, Recruiting Station Oklahoma City, attributes those three words to earning Recruiter of the Quarter honors for third quarter, 2005.

“To be recognized as recruiter of the quarter is a good feeling,” said Krusko. “It means you did your job and went above.  It’s a good feeling when all of your hard work pays off.”

“His drive is second to none,” said Sgt. Maj. Billy R. Garcia, RS Oklahoma City sergeant major.  “He sets high expectations for himself as a recruiter and that shows through his recruiting effort and willingness to complete the mission, which resulted in him earning the recruiter of the quarter award.   He is a team player that will put his substation’s mission first in order for their whole team to be successful.”

“Believe in God, work for the country and replace good Marines with good, solid young applicants so that I can wake up in the morning and still have fun doing this job,” said Krusko.

With this in mind, Krusko begins every morning believing in a simple philosophy when handling the stress and hard work often linked to recruiting duty.

“Have a positive attitude towards what you do out here and it will pay off,” said Krusko. “Be full of energy and it will be returned to you. The energy you use when talking to a young applicant is the energy that they should have at the end of the conversation.”

Energy and attitude can lead to what Krusko says is the most important trait to have: fun.

“Remember to have fun when you do this job. Once you get that, it becomes fun,” said Krusko.

Krusko was born in Bosnia and lived there until he was 14 years old.  He moved to Croatia with his family for six months and then was sponsored to come to the United States.  He completed high school in Denver and enlisted in the Marine Corps.  Overall, his experiences early in life have had an indirect impact on his life in the Marine Corps.

“I learned that there is always a way,” said Krusko. “There is always a road that you can take and succeed.  As long as you follow the road signs then you will be successful.”