4th Marine Corps District


4th Marine Corps District

Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Family Readiness

The Family Readiness Officer provides information and support to the Marine recruiters, support personnel and their families from the time they are selected for independent duty to the time their tour ends.

The Family Readiness officer supports the 4th District Commander's commitment to family support and "taking care of our own".  Some areas included in the family readiness are:

Information and Referral: about almost any problem or issue that arises on independent duty.  Includes the family newsletter and a volunteer network to provide help when needed.

Healthcare:  TriCare issues become more acute when we are separated from military treatment facilities and the base support we are used to.  We attempt to channel your concerns and needs to the right location, and resolve problem areas.

Relocation and Transition:  For the many issues that arise when we relocate or change careers, we provide support and information.  This support extends not only to the Marine, but also to the spouse and family.

Unit Family Readiness Program:  Each Recruiting Station and the 4th District Headquarters has established a Unit Family Readiness Program Network to assist with communications, welcoming new families, and supporting families in time of need.

Legal and Financial:  Information and assistance concerning legal and financial issues is available, including tax assistance for 4th District families.

Support in other areas includes:

  • Housing.
  • Family Service Center liaison.
  • Religious programs.
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation.
  • Educational support.
  • Exceptional Family Member Program.
  • Family Advocacy.
  • Emergency services.
  • Family Readiness training and support

Family Support Team

This section contains a brief roster of our family support team in the 4th District.

District Family Readiness Officer:  John Cook, located at District HQ.  His job includes support, training of staff, information dissemination, and long-term family readiness issues.

Deputy Family Readiness Officers (FRO):  The headquarters and each Recruiting Station have a deputy FRO who serves as the military liaison between the families and the District at all levels.

RS Baltimore: (410) 379-0801

RS Charleston: (304) 302-0537

RS Cleveland: (440) 243-4010

RS Detroit: (248) 269-9170

RS Frederick: (301) 668-2025

RS Louisville: (502) 582-6612

RS Raleigh: (919) 874-2154

RS Richmond: (804) 272-0458

Family Readiness Officer (717) 770-4788

Lifeskills and L.I.N.K.S. (717) 770-7478

Email: john.cook@marines.usmc.mil

Mail: 4th Marine Corps District
         Bldg 54, Suite 3, PO Box 806
         New Cumberland, PA   17070-0806