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4th Marine Corps District

Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Unit News
Cover Controversy to be Resolved October 29, 2012 — Over the next several months you will see female Marines in three different covers (hats); the current bucket cover, the new improved female dress cover and the current male dress cover. The goal is to see how Marines and the public react to the improved female dress cover and the male dress cover. Recruiting Stations from 4th Marine Corps District MORE
Silent Drill Platoon Visits Raleigh October 24, 2012 — The slaps and strikes of wooden stocked M-1 Garands echoed through the auditorium of Ravenscroft School as the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon performed in Raleigh, N.C.To show their appreciation for the military Ravenscroft School asked the Silent Drill Platoon to perform.Jeffrey Clark, a parent of two Ravenscroft students and former Naval MORE