1st Marine Corps District


1st Marine Corps District

Eastern Recruiting Region

605 Stewart Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

Visit www.eMarine.org, login and then search for the 1st Marine Corps District's page.  Our unit is subordinate to Eastern Recruiting Region and Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

eMarine is designed for Commanders and their Family Readiness Officers to effectively communicate Family Readiness official information and notifications to assigned Marines/Sailors and their designated contacts.  eMarine provides a more secure, password protected venue for all things Family Readiness to include OPSEC and PII sensitive material as the Commander sees fit.  Unit Facebook pages can provide a variety of resource, referral and community outreach and fellowship.  Information here is not protected on Facebook, therefore diligence should be taken with regards to preventing the release of/or removing OPSEC and PII. Both tools offer different opportunities to reach Marines/Sailors and their families.  It is the Commander's responsibility to ensure information is accurate and timely no matter what communication venue is utilized.

Housing Options

There are many housing options available to families in your local area.
Please contact the district Family Readiness Officer, your sponsor or executive officer for more information.

The Family Readiness Officer can be reached at : 516-228-2173



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