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1st Marine Corps District

Eastern Recruiting Region

605 Stewart Ave, Garden City, NY 11530
Unit News
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Armory hosts annual Marine Corps Holiday Classic track meet January 3, 2013 — High school track and field athletes from across the tri-state area gathered at The Armory New Balance Track and Field Center here for the annual Marine Corps Holiday Classic Thursday. MORE
Marine gunnery sergeant inspires troops through knowledge, humility November 14, 2012 — GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – Marines experience many different leadership styles during their careers, but each Marine eventually meets that one leader who inspires them, mentors them and ultimately makes them utter the words, "I want to be like you someday." MORE
1MCD Marines attend Veterans Day ceremony in White Plains November 13, 2012 — Marines from the 1st Marine Corps District attended the City of White Plains Veterans Day Ceremony Nov. 11 at the White Plains City Hall.The annual event is organized by the city’s Veterans Committee to recognize the sacrifices of the men and women who have served in the armed forces."We want to support as many Veterans Day events as we can," said MORE
Marine offers home, car to help Marines after devastating hurricane November 2, 2012 — FAR ROCKAWAY, QUEENS, N.Y.- Marines have a saying amongst each other, “We take care of our own.” Normally this saying is limited to small acts of kindness, such as lending them a few dollars to get a haircut or helping them move from one barracks room to another. But sometimes they go out of their way to help one another in unexpected ways. MORE
Marines honor the past during Mess Night September 24, 2012 — ELMONT, N.Y. – Have you ever seen an old Viking movie where the Norsemen would gather at a table telling stories of their epic battle as they drank from massive cups overflowing with mead while feasting on more food than any man should be able to eat in one sitting? Then you have an idea as to what a Marine Corps Mess Night entails. MORE

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